Reliable, Secure Data Backup Solutions


Network data loss is one of the greatest impacts to small and medium-sized businesses today. Up To Par Technology works with clients to establish IT backup solutions and routines to protect against data failures. UTP can assist with setting up a tape, hard drive, or online backup solution for your company.


We can also image your company’s computers to provide a fast recovery of a network computer to a default state should any major issues arise. IT Backup of vital company information is crucial to the survival of a business. Recent studies show that 93% of companies that lost data due to a disaster go out of business within two years.

Increasingly, small and medium-sized businesses are turning to disk-based online server backup solutions and recovery solutions as the most cost effective fit for their requirements; when they have neither the volume of data nor the level of technical staff that characterize most traditional backup solutions and recovery operations.

Advanced Backup Solutions

Up to Par data backup solutions combine the latest advancements in disk-based backup solutions with secure, integrated online technologies. Our services offer businesses fast and assured recovery of their critical business data while freeing limited technical staff for more value-driven tasks. They also reduce the burden of removing the data and storing it safely off-site, protecting it from local disasters.

So many reasons to backup your vital business data

Companies should consider the following reasons to utilize UTP Backup Solutions:


Data Protection

Comprehensive and reliable data protection assures up-to-date recovery of all critical business data, including the backup of data in open files.

Disaster Recovery

Automatic and secure off-site electronic vaulting guarantees successful disaster recovery and backup solutions.

Access to Data

Better control over restoring data gives businesses access to data when and where it’s needed for any reason.


Improved security for all sensitive data ensures protection during backup, transmission and storage.


A complete data protection solution addresses the entire data protection workflow and provides a higher level of reliability, productivity and cost containment.

Reduced Downtime

Immediate data restoration either over the Internet or from on-site rapid recovery appliances reduces downtime costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Enhanced ability to demonstrate compliance with regulations around information protection is enhanced through consistent, repeatable processes and controls.

Increased Productivity

Freedom from routine backup and restore tasks allows redirection of staff time to value-driven projects with greater impact on productivity and profitability.

Competitive Advantage

Increased competitive advantage is promoted through improved access to data, more predictable cost control and flexible solutions that change with the business.